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I made over $80K on my first website flip! Learn exactly how I did it! Keep reading. #websiteflippingI made over $80K flipping my first website! Keep reading to learn my exact recipe for doing this! This flip started my addiction to website flipping (learn more about how I teach others microflipping here) and began my side business of flipping blogs and websites.  Here’s how it all began..

What Exactly is Website Flipping?

Have you heard of flipping?

Real estate flipping or flipping properties involve buying or building real estate at a lower price, adding value (like upgrading the kitchen, adding landscaping, etc.) then, selling it for a profit!

Using the real estate example, this is what a flipping scenario might look like..

You buy a foreclosure home then, you upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms, make home repairs, landscape the property and list it for sale at a price equal to your investment (foreclosure purchase price + repairs/upgrades) plus your profit.

It goes the same way with a website

Keep reading this guide to dive into the world of flipping websites

Your Website Investment-What’s Involved

The first step is your website investment. You have a choice to make:

Will you build a site?

Will you buy a site?

For building an ecommerce site, go with Shopify.

Use my link to grab your FREE 14-day free trial + plans starting at $29/mo so you can build an attractive, professional-looking website in under a half hour!

For building a content site, we recommend using Bluehost and WordPress. Bluehost is the hosting provider which will give you a self-hosted website and WordPress is the platform your site will operate on. Bluehost has an easy 1-click WordPress install that lets you connect WordPress once you get hosting, in a snap!

For buying an existing website, check out marketplaces online like:

  • Flippa
  • Shopify marketplace
  • Empire Flippers
  • FEInternational

Once you have built or bought your site, next up is adding value!

How to Add Value to Your Website

website flipping

Adding value can mean many things:

  • Growing income
  • Growing traffic
  • Growing subscribers
  • Growing readers
  • Adding more products

You could makeover the website with some simple changes like:

  • Applying a gorgeous theme
  • Making the navigation and site layout more user-friendly
  • Adding more content
  • Writing keyword-rich pages and descriptions

Start by figuring out the areas that the site is lacking. Then, address those areas and improve them!

Do A Website Audit

Do you website audit and ask yourself these questions:

Where do sales come from?

Where does traffic come from?

How can sales and traffic be improved?

Improving the site earnings will always play a part in improving the website value and traffic is super valuable too.

Pro Tip: Learn how to increase affiliate income (this is for Amazon Associates income) with this resource

Time to Sell the Site

Today is the day! You have built or bought your site. You added value to it, and it’s time to sell!

There are a number of ways you can sell your site as shared above.

I recommend going to a website broker. Professional brokers, although the more expensive option, can help expose your site to a broader, much larger audience than if you self-promoted the sale yourself.

Brokers will charge a fee, typically a percentage of the website sale at closing. Some brokers may charge a listing fee.

Some examples of brokers are Latonas, Empire Flippers, Flippa, and FEInternational.

My Personal Story-How I Made Over $80,000 Flipping My First Website

I made over $80K on my first website flip! Learn exactly how I did it! Keep reading. #websiteflippingI always had a dream of being an entrepreneur. The opportunity presented itself and I jumped!

I ended up leaving my industry. I was working in that career field for 10 years and my last 9 to 5 job for 7 years, and I left it for entrepreneurship, without looking back!

Year 1: One year into the business (while juggling full-time work and running a business on the side), I was earning enough to leave my day job. Yay!

Year 2: I wasn’t sick of my job yet.

Year 3: I began craving more responsibility.

Year 5: I made up my mind to quit for entrepreneurship. The next 6 months or so I tried so many hustles, it’ll make your head spin. The intent was to throw something against the wall that stuck, then roll with it and make that thing my business so I can quit. I tried..

  • Copywriting
  • Selling used handbags
  • Selling used electronics
  • Selling Twitter packages
  • Starting an online fashion jewelry store
  • Selling hair weaves

The list continues.

Year 6: I started something on a whim. I made my first sale in week 1!

Year 7: My side hustle income replaced my day job income. I quit! My boss was in shock and I still remember her face as she asked with a chuckle, if I was joking. She was a great manager..I feel bad that it all took her by storm.

I built my business from the ground up, on the Storenvy platform. It was an ecommerce store and I had no intention of selling anytime soon.

Income started, and continued to rise. I loved it but it was a passion project that took over my life. I was working 60 hours/week, neglecting my family, dialed into my biz 24/7. I needed more balance. So..2.5 years into the business, I decided to sell.

As I was looking at selling..I started a NEW and EXCITING project: blogging!

I sold using Empire Flippers.

The process was super easy and streamlined. I had my site listed, after a month-long vetting process. I experienced about half a dozen conference calls and 3 months later, the site was sold.

Final Thoughts

And, that’s my story of selling my first flip for over $80K! Do you want to get into flipping? My microflipping course shows you how to build, grow, monetize and sell your site in just 30 days. These small sites are a breeze to setup and operate and you can do multiple at a time for a TON of income!

10 sites/month at $300 each is $3,000/month!

Grow a team to help you manage and you can start a full agency.

It all starts with one site. Take a look at the course to get started.

I made over $80K on my first website flip! Learn exactly how I did it! Keep reading. #websiteflipping

I made over $80K on my first website flip! Learn exactly how I did it! Keep reading. #websiteflipping

I made over $80K on my first website flip! Learn exactly how I did it! Keep reading. #websiteflipping