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These website flipping tools are totally golden. I started using them one at a time when I started my flipping journey several years ago and now I cannot live without them. Keep reading to learn about these amazing website flipping tools to help you make the most money!

1. Tailwind

Tailwind is a social media scheduler that helps propel your social media traffic to the next level. You can get hyper-organized with the help of Tailwind. Schedule all your Pinterest and Instagram pins in a queue. One and done! I spend about an hour a week prepping my sharing schedule for the entire week. It’s so easy.

Tailwind is a total gamechanger. I love it so much I have multiple accounts! Grab your FREE 14-Day Trial with my link to see how you like it (psstt..you will LOVE it).

2. Convertkit

Convertkit is THE email marketing software for bloggers.  It’s super easy to learn and they have everything to help make your email marketing campaign a success.

  • Create sequences
  • Execute email courses
  • Send email blasts to your subscribers
  • Track campaigns
  • And, more!

The money is in the list. The saying is true. Take a look at Convertkit.

3. Canva

Canva makes graphic design super easy.  You can create email headers, ebook covers, social media graphics, and more. It’s free, by the way, with an option to upgrade (called Canva for Work) which lets you upload fonts and more.

Take a look at my Canva tutorial down below:


4. Sendowl

If you are looking to create digital products, Sendowl will collect payment from your customers, pay you and digitally deliver your products! A total lifesaver. I use Sendowl for all my digital products (eguides, ebooks, etc.) and services (Pinterest management, social media campaigns, etc.).

Check them out here.

5. Cracking the Code

Because most of my site flips are income-producing, it’s crucial that I have the skills and knowledge to drive up income quickly, to be able to sell in the first 3 to 12 months in a flip.  Cracking the Code is an ebook that teaches you how to monetize your website with affiliate marketing through the Amazon Associates program.

Amazon is huge. Products can be referred from blogs in just about every niche. The creator behind Cracking the Code did just that, she cracked the code, earning $5,000 to $7,000 on her brand new blog in under a year. She teaches her strategies here. After I read this book, my Amazon Associates income 100X’d.

6. The Art of the Micro Flip

Learn all the essentials of flipping from:

  • Content creation
  • Lead generation
  • Traffic generation
  • Income creation

And more! This course is all about micro flipping! Learn all the skills you need to start a micro flipping empire in just 30 days! Then rinse and repeat for unlimited income.

1 site at $300 can earn you $300

3 sites X $300=$900

10 sites X $300=$3,000

Once you learn the strategy, you can rinse and repeat and scale as wide as you’d like!

Final Thoughts

And there you go! 6 essential website flipping tools to help you skyrocket your flipping empire! What tools do you use website flipping?

These 6 website flipping tools are essential to the success of my flipping biz. Find out what they are and how I use them! TheBlogFlipper.com

These 6 website flipping tools are essential to the success of my flipping biz. Find out what they are and how I use them! TheBlogFlipper.com